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Aerial Navigation

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"PRIESTLEY, who believed that all discoveries are made by chance, compares the student of nature to a hound wildly running after and here and there overtaking game; butÓProvidence sends chance, and genius moulds it to its own design." Edison well explained the difference between discovery and invention when he said that in discovery there must be an element of the accidental, and an important one, too; while invention is purely deductive. The story of the apple dropping from the tree and Newton starting with a species of Eureka he rejects absolutely. Maintaining that an abstract idea or a natural law may in one sense be invented, he gives it as his opinion that Newton did not discover the theory of gravitation but invented it; that he may have been at work on the problem for years, inventing theory after theory to which he found it impossible to shape his facts." Moore, Clara Bloomfield. "Aerial Navigation". The Arena, August 1894, pg. 386-395. Discussion on the future of air transportation years before the Wright brothers. Keely's acoustical levitation (anti-gravity) system was being perfected at the time of this article and promised a true scientific and social revolution. But the whole episode and information got squashed and suppressed. You will be hearing a lot more about this before long. 8.5" X 11"

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