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An Old Miracle - New Science

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"There is inconceivable energy in this atomic motion. Its will and its will not are irresistible. Mountains of granite cannot hold it, and the foundations of the earth give way before it. Professor Tyndall says that the energy expended in condensing aqueous vapor into nine pounds of water, is equivalent to the Òdescent of a ton weight, urged by gravity, down a precipice twenty-two thousand eight hundred and twenty feet high.Ó He says: ÒI have seen wild stone avalanches of the Alps which smoke and thunder down declivities with a vehemence sufficient to stun the beholder; yet to produce enough snow-flakes for a child to carry has required an energy competent to lift up these shattered blocks and pitch them to twice the height from which they fell." A fine paper revealing the connections between Keely's revolutionary spiritual science and the ancient mysteries. 8.5" X 11"

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