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Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals

Analytic Study of Harmonic Intervals

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This well written and easy to read and understand detailed analysis of harmonics and partials goes well beyond where Miller, Helmholtz and Tyndall left off. There is a seeming vast mystery in notes, intervals and their interacting harmonics with subtractive (difference) and additive (summation) tones. Dr. Mann delves deeply into this mystery with math and a razor sharp clarity of mind and words. One does not need math to read this book - but it helps. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are exploring the mysteries of music, sound and vibration. Printed by permission. 8.5" x 11" perfect binding.

Table of Contents

1. Tones and intervals

  • A. Pitch and frequency
  • B. Addition, subtraction, and measurement of intervals
  • C. Timbre and partials
  • D. The acoustic spectrum of an interval
  • E. Periodic motion
  • F. Loudness and intensity
  • G. Phase relations in complex tones
  • H. Vibrato: periodic pulsation

2. The audible phenomena of harmonic intervals

  • A. Interference: basic formulation
  • B. Interference: beats
  • C. Modulation
  • D. Aural harmonics and combination tones
  • E. Aural responses to complex tones
  • F. Loudness profile of the typical aural spectrum
  • G. Masking

3. The aural spectra of commensurable intervals

  • A. Fundamental aspects
  • B. The loudness index
  • C. Pairs of spectral tones
  • D. The indexes of coinciding spectral tones
  • E. Minimum-index tones
  • F. Significant tones of the aural spectrum
  • G. Primary coincidences
  • H. Coincidence of significant spectral tones
  • I. The basic range
  • J. Discernible intervals
  • K. The "third tone"

4. The interpretation of intervals

  • A. Interrelating commensurable intervals
  • B. Choosing coordinates when X0 and yo are not given
  • C. Conjoint intervals
  • D. The aural interpretation of indiscernible
  • E. Beats and the point of division
  • F. Nuclei
  • G. Recognizability of tunings
  • H. Pseudo nuclei
  • I. Accuracy of tunings
  • J. Acceptability of tunings
  • K. Consonance and dissonance

Index of symbols
Index of figures, tables, and plots
Subject index

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