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Apergy: Power Without Cost

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"Considerable attention has been given in previous numbers of the NEW SCIENCE REVIEW to the researches, discoveries, and theoretical conclusions of John Ernst Worrell Keely, the inventor of the notable "Keely Motor;" quite sufficient, it may be, in the opinion of many readers, in view of the technical language employed, and the fact that the utility of these inventions has not been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the general public. Yet the publishers of the REVIEW have excellent reason to believe that the results of Mr. Keely's researches are all that have been claimed for them, and that this fact will soon be publicly demonstrated. They desire, therefore, to offer to their readers a plain, matter-of-fact, businesslike statement of what Mr. Keely has actually accomplished; and the writer of the present paper has been requested to visit the workshop and investigate the apparatus of the famous inventor, and to state plainly and simply the results of his investigation." Discusses the power (apergy) emanating from the Sun and Keely's attempts to harness it. This is not solar energy as we now understand it - it is much more - and much more promising. 8.5" X 11"

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