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Chord of Life Windchime

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The Perfect Unique Gift for births, birthdays, anniversaries and special events. The Divine Melody of your creation is replicated in a hand-crafted custom built windchime just for you. No two windchimes are exactly alike just as no two individual's are exactly alike. The Chord of Life Windchime is as an instrument of attunement and centering for whom it is crafted, providing a potential for greater and greater harmony with your original life purpose and potentialities. Each person came into materiality in a state of perfect harmony or concordance of vibrations. As they go through life this chord of vibrations becomes modified which may take on a discordant quality. These birth chord windchimes are designed to resonate the original Creative Melody through and by which you were born. The windchime makes that original chord strong, vibrant and balanced dissipating any discordant conditions and empowering and enlightening the individual. The harmonizing action is accomplished through sympathetic vibrations. The Chord of Life windchime if crafted of the finest materials. The windchime is made with pure polished copper tubes thus insuring a lifetime of care-free enjoyment. The hang-plate, clapper and wind-catcher are made of polished oak, maple or walnut and will last for many years. After you place your order email to <[email protected]> the Time, Place and Date of Your Birth so we can calculate your unique tuning.

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