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Doom of Steam or the Coming Force Exposition of the Keely Motor

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"Dear Sir: Ñ Being able to hear only the first of like Series of Lectures on the Keely Motor enterprise recently delivered by you in Chickering Hall, New York, I would suggest that you publish the series in pamphlet form for distribution amongst the stockholders of the Keely Motor Co. I make this suggestion the more readily, because I believe the present evidences of progress made by Mr. Keely justify any one who is thoroughly acquainted with the condition of affairs, in so presenting the facts that present or prospective stockholders need not be under the necessity of acting altogether in the dark; and if in the presentation thus suggested you remove the veil of mystery which is popularly supposed to surround the enterprise, you will, in my opinion, do much to leseen the effects of real or supposed mistakes by the managers thereof - mistakes which are natural to all enterprises, and more particularly such as invite the operations of a speculative management, which is eminently the case with the Keely Motor Co. The suggested publication is also the more desirable because of the success attending the alleged efforts of interested parties in suppressing the notice of your lectures in the regular news columns of the " daily press.Ó" Exposition of the Keely Motor. A reprint of the original 1881 pamphlet of a series of lectures given by Mr. Babcock on the "Political Significance and Fitness to the Present Stage of Advancement in Science and Civilization" of Keely's Motor and Science. Also given as a "Financial, Mechanical, Philosophical, Historical, Actual Prospective" of the motor. This is one of the few really positive reports in detail on Keely's work. There are things in this pamphlet not seen in any other source to date. 8.5" X 11"

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