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Dr. Abrahms and the Electron Theory

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"It is the purpose of this booklet to acquaint the ordinary reader with the most recent findings of science in the field of physics, particularly in relation to living organism and the pathology of disease. Dr. Albert Abrams of San Francisco, being a pioneer in this field of physical research, has made certain discoveries of such consequence that much space is devoted to a detailed consideration of his findings. After his experiments have been described, the reader will find in Part II of this essay a full, popular treatise on the modern electron theory of matter upon which the Abrams research work is based. This part of the essay is really a simplified condensation of all the technical works on physical science of the past twenty years insofar as they relate to the electronic structure of atoms and to chemistry, recording every important discovery on the subject down to the present time." Radionics development can be traced backwards in time directly from Delawarr from Ruth Drown from Dr. Abrahms from Dr. H. S. Lewis. What did these people have in mind concerning the physics of the radionics technology? This is a rare glimpse into the paradigm that helped these people conceive and built such revolutionary devices. 8.5" X 11" Perfect Binding.

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