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Engineering with Love

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Rudolph Steiner stated in 1913: ÒThe science of the future will be based on sympathetic vibration.Ó However, he may not have known sympathetic vibration is another way of saying Unconditional Love as will be illustrated herein. Love has been the base of most religions, societies and families from the dawn of time and acts as the foundation for the New Age philosophies. Unfortunately science and society, in the western world, has wandered far astray from this basic and most powerful of forces. The customary shunning and denying love is being transformed into giving and accepting Love! A search of the Internet, a scan of the many self-help seminars offered world-wide or review of a major bookstore will show a world-wide movement back to the place where it is okay for love to enter into our lives, homes and sciences. This is happening right now, before our very eyes, in our very hearts." An explanation of Love as an engineerable force and reasons why Atlin exists.

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