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Essay Upon Force in Nature and its Effect Upon Matter, An

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"The following essay embodies an attempt to show that planetary movement can not be perfected by the theory of gravitation as received. Beyond this, suggestions are offered in support of the idea that planetary movements are caused by the effect of force on matter, not inherent in matter: and further, that the one, primal force on which planetary movewment depends, modified by special effects upon substances differing in kind, in arrangement, and in position, is that which, under the modified conditions, is called by the various names of force, as of attraction and repulsion, cold and beat, electricity, magnetism, weight, etc.- in other words, it is thought that differences of forces by name should be taken as being expressions of differences in manifestations of a same force, but not of specific differences of forces;-the differences as to manifestation arising from peculiarities of matter on which the one force acts" This excellent book presents subtle changes to the conventional scientific systems. The emerging paradigm was first seen in the early 1800s before it was 'forgotten'. It is believed that Skinner had intimate contact with Keely and this book details some of the insights that led Keely to some of his discoveries. (1869) 8.5" X 11" Also in pdf format.

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