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Ether and Its Functions

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"When we more carefully consider matters, however, we must concede that this way of speaking does not accurately represent even the popular view of nature. Still less does it represent the view that must be taken by every diligent observer and accurate thinker. In the case of an empty room, everybody acknowledges that it is really full of air, and that to speak of it as empty is not absolutely accurate, though sufficiently so for ordinary purposes. It does not deceive those whom we are speaking to. Quakers even have not objected to use the term. It is defensible on the same plea as stating that one is Ã’Not at home." Neither statement is verbally accurate, but neither statement deceives, and each is, in consequence, quite legitimate. It does not appear at first sight, however, that there is any obvious way in which it is inaccurate to speak of interstellar space as empty. There are, no doubt, stars and comets and nebulae and meteors, but between them surely space is empty. And yet even popularly a place is spoken of as "full of light." Surely the space all round the sun is "full of light." Can we, with perfect accuracy, speak of a space as empty which is full of light?" Excellent scholarly discussion about ether, what it is, what it does and how it functions. 8.5" X 11"

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