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God Will Work With You but Not For You

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God Will Work With You But Not For You dynamically answers the age-old questions ÒWho am I? What am I? Why am I here?Ó Human Beings are the greatest mystery of the "unknown." We have conquered the seas, the skies, the elements and the very forces which move the universe. We, the great discoverers and inventors of many things, have not as yet fully discovered ourselves. In answer to the question of Òman the unknown,Ó Lao Russell writes: ÒLet us transform the world by renewing of the world-Mind." That transformation can take place only by our acquiring knowledge of our inseparable and eternal moment to moment unity with a comprehensible Creator, and of our unity with all people and Nature.Ó This transforming knowledge is the theme of the Living Philosophy vitally presented in God Will Work With You But Not For You. ÒThe whole purpose of this book is to point the way to all knowledge and power for you. To attain it you have to acquire the power to think inwardly instead of merely to sense outwardly.Ó Ñ Lao Russell Spanish and Italian Translations available. 266 pages 5 1/2" x 8 3/4", Hard Cover

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