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John Worrell Keely's Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

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These laws of vibratory physics were left to us by John Worrell Keely (1827-1898) through his friend William Colville who included them in his book "Dashed Against the Rock" published in 1894. Colville, a prolific writer, was a close friend and supporter of Keely's. He was also a Grand Master Mason and world-class psychic.

Over the years I have published a number of newsletters. In some of those issues one of these forty laws was discussed. This volume is a compilation of what was written in each of those newsletters. The earlier writings were re-published in "Universal Laws Revealed: Keely’s Secrets" in 1994.

If we accept the fact that everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates then these laws of vibration are all important. Couple them with the principles and laws operating in acoustics and music we have a complete package. These laws and principles are therefore vital to any comprehensive paradigm from the micro to the macro form, functions and dynamics of the universe.

Speaking first hand I can say these laws are difficult to understand. They are difficult because they have terms and phrases describing concepts with which we are not familiar. It is the learning of those concepts that takes so much time and effort. The time and effort are worth it. My commentaries will help. They are not the complete explanations but they are a very good start.

Dale Pond

November, 2019

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