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Keely and His Discoveries

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From the Preface: "This is the thing which has happened in the case which this little volume comes forth to relate and explain. It is not intended to unfold the systematic methods of the gifted genius concerning whom it speaks; that will come, in his own words, in due time. The aim of this volume is to show the course of events in relation to his researches; and to open the mystery of how it came about that he should have been so much misunderstood and hindered. It tells how he, in the dim dawn of initial inspiration, first glimpsed and touched THE POWER which is about to be given to the possession of mankind for the supply of wants, and the relief of toil. How he struggled and wrestled like the patriarch of old who said, "I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me." How men of the world, seeing the struggle and estimating the power, said, "Make haste and harness this power to our machinery, and we shall pay you." How, in his need of means, he was tempted and fell; making an attempt to harness to machinery a power whose very form and kind he had not yet been given to discern. And then, when this too hasty attempt had failed, how the disappointed world laughed and mocked, and fumed, and called him an impostor. This volume seeks to explain this KEELY MYSTERY; and to show that although a mistake was made, it was only a passing mistake. The mistake has been rectified; and the seer, now in possession of peace and privacy, has fully sighted the power, and is making progress in bringing it into subjugation." The most authoritative biography of John Ernst Worrell Keely and his work. Written by the woman who financed his work for over ten years and understood Keely and his science. This volume is a chronology of his work and life from 1872 through 1892. This title has gone through any number of printings since it was first published in 1893. 8.5" X 11" 150 pages spiral bound.

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