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Masters of (Washington) DeCeit

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Dan Meador reveals the evil nature and scope of Cooperative Federalism (fascism) in his epic making new book. America the free has succumbed to Cooperative Federalism (fascism). What were once sovereign states banded together in a free Union for their mutual benefit have all been replaced with corporations and agencies. The fifty united states party to the Constitution have been supplanted with a semi-private agency wielding unlimited power called the United States of America. Many of the federal agencies extending their fraudulent jurisdiction over the soveriegn states are just that: fraudulent, having no real jurisdiction outside of federal territories. How was this accomplished? Where are the original documents detailing this in actual published law? When did this happen? Who did it? Meador's new book has the smoking gun details. Can all this be verified in legal documentation? Yes, here it is. This monumental research shows all and tells all. Legal citations from scores of sources prove the fraud. Never before has this much information been revealed with this clarity, detail and veracity. Get years of Dan Meador's accumulated and indexed research for one low price. Extensively indexed and illustrated. Recently translated into Spanish. 270+ pages, 8.5" X 11" spiral bound

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