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Newly Discovered Law of Physics

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"Cycle upon cycle of recurring ages must have passed, after the creation of man upon the earth, before he could have had any real consciousness of the magnitude or governing laws of the Universe. The sun by day, and moon and stars by night, with all their varying phases of beauty and sublimity, must have filled his mind with wonder, as well as awe, and turned it with reverence to a higher power as the Creator and Author of his existence. The unwritten and pre-historic record of the conflict, of the human mind, in searching for the truth of what was daily seen and felt, must have been severe beyond description, and made, in some measure, apologize for the great mistakes made by Scientists, in their expressed opinions of creation, since history commenced the record which reaches down to our day." Discussion of Keely's discoveries and their meaning and impact on the evolvement of scientific pursuit. 8.5" X 11"

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