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Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material - Gann III Lecture Notes

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1986 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams and Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Different Growth Forms Have Different Forms of Symmetry Three Geometrical Forms Can Define All Growth; Angles Are Moving Averages; Price Variance; Component Production of Composite Waves; Progression; Identification of Cycles Using Yearly Charts; Gann Periods to Watch; Quadrants of Circle; Logarithmic Spirals; Gnomonic Growth; Concentric Circles; Triangles of Pascal; The Zero Point; Repeating Patterns; 60 Year Patterns; Periodicity; Ratios of Circle; Gann's Retracements; Motion of Vibrating String; Cardinal Cross; Number Set Progressions and Wave Theory; Symmetry and Natural Opposites; Time and Price Overbalancing; Plateau Areas and Periods; Component Waves and Gann's Cycles; Genetic Coding; Market Phases; Uranus and Saturn; Inner and Outer Planets; Planetary Electromagnetic Effects; Gann's Time Counts; Conjunctions and Oppositions; Sensitive Points In Time; Recurrence of Planetary Configurations; Short Term Cycles; Gann Wheels; Astrometeorology; Canons of Proportion; Impulse and Retracement; Cycle Length Ratios and Correspondence To Planetary Orbits; 5 Years Is Gann's Smallest Cycle; Gann's 60 Year Cycle; Gann's New Discovery, The Master Numbers and Their Use; the Master Time Factor; Cycles vs. Periodicity; Recurrent Behavior Patterns; Gann's 5, 7 and 10 year Cycles and Their Definitions; Astrolabe; Planetary Perturbation; Number Sets and Symmetry; Vector Symmetry; Vectorial Direction; Squaring Price and Time; Elliot Channel; Pentagons Formed By Triangles; Decahedron - Tetrahedron - Icosohedron; Trisection of An Angle; Mirror of DNA; Faces of Cube; Cardinal Cross vs. Fixed Cross; Pi; Axial Symmetry; Curvilinear Time; Squaring The Circle and Number Sets; Interweaving Lattices; Symmetry Nets; Growth Matrix; Growth Followed By Decomposition; Limitation of Martix; Beads of An Abacus; Gann's Calculators Are Curved Matricies; Lambdoma Sieves; Color - Number - Sound, Symbolic Representation; Number Sets; No Zero; Numeric Recuction; Soybeans Have 3-Fold Pentagonal Symmetry; Axial Symmetry; Rotational Symmetry; Boundaries of Symmetry; Pi Clouds; The Leaf; Where To Look for Symmetry; How To Find Planes Of Symmetry; What Comes Before and After; Simultaneously Seeing Part and Whole; Vectors; Pyramid = Tetrahedron; Gann's Time Cycles Composed of Triangles and Squares; Square of 52 A Pentagon; Kabalistic; 2-D vs. 3-D Representation; Dynamic vs. Static Symmetry; Pentagonal Growth as Basis of Circle; Fibonacci; Overbalancing of Time; Measuring Time Reactions; Differentiating Major and Minor Swings; 100 Years of Data Enough to Determine Building Blocks and Growth Patterns; Cycles Within Cycles; Vesica Piscis and Ellipse; Vectors; Seeing Depth In Charts; Internal Verticies of Polygons; Importance of Visualization; Time Slices; Shared Verticies; Rings Demarkate Time; Pentagon; Relation of Pi and Phi Through Pentagram; Pi and Phi Relationship Constant In Time; 10 year Cycle; Soybeans Pentagonal; Sign of Jonah; 3 Days and 3 Nights; Important Polygons; Cosmic Clock; Verticies Are Hinges; Gematria; Gann's Percentage Increase On Base; Serial Progression; Time and Shape Changes; Time Symmetry; Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, All Have 7 in Common; Pythagorean Harmonics and the Meaning of the 10 and 60 Year Cycles; Icosahedron; Change Static To Dynamic Symmetry; Time Models; Forces; Energy Shells; Perfect Numbers; Gann's Master Calculators; Planetary Order; Mercury from Sun: Pythagorean Monad; Movements Thru Platonic Solids; Hedrons; Einstein's Unified Field Theory; Swing Theory; Boat, Sofa and Chair Configurations of The Benzene Ring; T-Bonds; Building Blocks; Chart: A 2-Dimensional Representation of a 3 or 4 Dimensional Reality; Chemical Substances; Time Counts - Progressions - Proportions - Swings; Long Term Graphs; 12 Year Cycle; Common Numbers; Pivot Points; Geometry Matches Solar Order; Volume = Area Under Curve; Spatial Orientation; Lapaz Transformations; Polar Coordinates; Rotation; Equilibrium of Pendulum; Mazes and Mandalas; Double Square; Obvious Always Most Hidden; Radius Vectors; Crossings; How To Use The Master Calculator; Snapshot of Dynamic Motion; Numerology.