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Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material - Gann V Lecture Notes

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1987 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams and Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Bull Market vs. Bear Market Rally; Patterns Can Manifest as Polar Opposites; Regular and Predictable Periods; Gann's 6 Component Model; Vector Nets; Island Top; Calculus; Begin with Top and Bottom Formations, Most Important and Easiest; Short Term Waves Circular - Long Term Waves Elliptical; Basic Shape Tells Waves; Difference Between rectangular and Logarithmic Charts; Roto-Center Pole; Gann's Coffee Rio Chart; Rotation Around Pole; Time Axis; Moving Solids in space; Inside Radius Vectors; Conic Sections; Earth w. 15% Parallels; Mazes and Mandalas; Lining Up Ellipses; Making Ellipses To Fit Charts; Interacting Series; Beard's "Patterns In Space"; Archimedian Spiral and Rate Constants; Logarithmic Spiral and Root 3 Growth; Fibonacci Spiral and 72 Degree Turn; Different Phi Based Rate Constants For Different Length Swings; Series Ratios; Baravalle Spirals In Squares, Hexagons and Octagons; Roto-Centers, Cones and Gann's Tunnel Through The Air; 3 Types of Swing Charts; Adding and Combining Time Counts; How to Calculate Developing Series on Charts; Blocks Within Larger Periods; Trading Ranges; Probability of Pattern Recognition; Soybeans; Location In Order of Whole; Shunt Periods; Describing Difference In Pattern; Bicycle Pedal Pattern; Prediction Future Moves Using Spiral Growth Chart; Sequence Analysis; Locating 3 points to Define a Series; Ellipse Series; Quadrant of Circle; Rolling Time; Tracing Volumes; Polish Ellipse; Controllers; Magic Name of Jehovah; Gann's Jehovah Diagrams From "Magic Word"; Kabballah and Temura; Sensitive Numbers; Examples; Putting A Polygon Around a Chart Pattern; Determining Phases; Finding 3 Intersecting Terms; Radical Controllers; Higher Order Polygonal Transformation; Root 5 Decomposition Model; Phi Decomposition; Golden Rectangle; Radical Numerology; Overlapping Spirals; Sub-Growth Phases; Charts Are Windows on Time; Relationship Of Part and Whole; Finding Stable State System; Carbon Atoms and Benzene Ring Configurations; Bayer's Hinge; Transforming 2-D to 3-D; Hexagonal Growth on Dow; Spiral Intersections; Bayer's 9" Ellipse and Beard's Earth with 15 Degree Parallels; Calculating Chart Ratios; Equilibration Patterns; Practical Pattern Recognition; Unusual Pieces Obscuring Patterns; 56 Year Repetitions; Semitone Harmonics; 8/9; Constellation Pleadies; Changing the Microscope View; Soybeans; Purpose of Gann's 8x8" Graph Paper; Harmonics and Pattern Production; Wave Nets and Pattern Addition.