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Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material - Gann VII Lecture Notes

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1987 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams and Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: General Motors Long Term Weekly Chart; Wave Pattern of the Chart; The Stock Market "Record" 200 Year Pattern Morphology; How To Determine Duration of Market Moves; Serial Progression; Periodicity; Reflective Formations; Cyclic Number Series; Bull Campaign; Matching Patterns at Periodicities; Using the Hypotenuse to "Build on the Square"; kinetic Energy - Potential Energy; Energy Applied - Energy Stored; Beds of Accumulation; Slope and Angle of Attack; To Make a Forecast You Must Know Where You Are In Each Order; Swing Comparison; Breaking Down a Chart; Correlative Percentages; Triple Single and Double Tops - Vector Mixes; Gann's Topping Formations; Top vs. Bottom - 180 Degrees Apart; Find Order To The Differences; Analysis; Periodicity of Polarity; Significant Time Points and Vectorial Changes; Analysis; Saturn Cycle; Gann: For Every Bottom There Is a Top, and For Every Top There Is a Bottom; Resolution; Sequence; Ratio and Additive; Work Down To Daily; Develop Transformation Code; Lay Out Flow Chart of Forecasting Code; Comparing Like with Like; Checking 7 Year Intervals; Cell Birth; Dead Reckoning From Highs and Lows; Triangulation on the Sphere; Getting a Fix on Location; Progression of Number Sequence; Growth and Decay; Winding and Growing; Winding and Dying; Progressively Sequential Growth and Decay Coding; Ordering of Mass Psychology; Min and Max Reliability Value; What is Occurring I a Signature of Things to Come; Functions of 9; Rectifying a Market Chart; Multiple Orders; Mercury - Pluto; Transformations of Zero Point; The Relationship of Geocentric and Heliocentric to Short and Long Term Patterns and To Arithmetic and Logarithmic Scales; Johndro and The Ineffectivity of the Inverse Square Law; Reflection of Energy; Bounce Effect; Rate Constants; 3 Dimensional Perception; Perspective Paper; Vector = Slope + Direction of Force; Direction Included 3-D; Orb of Influence of Aspects; Axes of Space; Wheat Chart; Results of Stress In System; Energy Shells and Bands; Escape Velocity; Stable Configurations; Price and Pressure; Intervals, Wave Length; Gann and Bayer: Intervals Defined by Circles, Squares and Ellipses; 3-D Space; Analysis of Square of Nine; Price is Space; Conjunctions and Oppositions; Where I Energy Coming From?; Orientation in Space and Heavens; Polar Market Charts; Law of Vibration, Squaring the Circle, Music - Harmonics, Proportion - Ratio, Root 2, Fibonacci, Phi Growth and Decomposition: No Predictability From Any ONE: Each Works for a While Then Doesn't; The Intertwining of All of It; Circle = Infinite Polygon; Uniting the Finite and Infinite; Halving The Circle; yi and Yang; Vesica Piscis: Relation of Interval to Amplitude; Pentagon: Symbol of Life; Fivefold Symmetry; Star Pentagram; Musical 4th and 5th; Creation Thru Gnomonic Growth; Platonic Solids; Music; Pythagorean Octave; Musical Ratios; Tone Mandala = Logarithmic Progression; Turning Gann Calculators Into Music; Septiform System of The Cosmos; 5 fold Symmetry in Human, 7 Fold In Botanical World; Atomic Weight of Carbon = 12, Basis of All Life; Square of 52; Alteration Between Harmonic and Arithmetic Means; Comparison of 1792 and 1914 on Dow; Monad; Earth Is A Child of The Sun; Saturn - Jupiter Cycle; Growth on Earth Related to Heaven; Same Growth in Market and Nature; Vibration of Dow Changing With Changing Stocks; Must know Which Cycle Is Running; Must know Where You Are; Square of Nine A Natal Chart; Like Cause - Like Effect, Like for Like Not Similar; Order In Space; Chemical Molecular Blocks; Right Brain Experience.