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Our Toe Nail Fungus Solution! 12 - 16 ounce bottles

Our Toe Nail Fungus Solution! 12 - 16 ounce bottles

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Would you like to have your beautiful toes, nails and feet back? Powerful general disinfectant. Excellent for treating toe nail fungus infection. 

How to Use: Apply generously to toenail and all surrounding cuticle twice a day. Allow to penetrate and air dry a few minutes. Apply externally only - not for internal use. Toenails require much time to grow. Apply every day (be patient) until new nails have been fully grown replacing the affected nail.  No side effects.

Disclaimer: No health claims are made or implied that are not already in the literature and well recognized. If you need professional medical advise or attention please consult your doctor or other health care provider. Twelve 16 ounce bottles very carefully packed.

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