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Playing in Grace and Mercy

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"During the development phase of the Dynasphere project there were many messages from Spirit advocating the adoption and use of more joy in oneÕs life as a prerequisite to working with Atlin, obtaining rotation or other branches of subtle force physics. With joy involved the work becomes play and the etheric subtle forces literally come out to play with us in highly refined and joyous moment of love expressing itself very much like young children happily at play. But what is joy? What is love expressing itself? These are concepts a little foreign to the Western mind set of work hard and make money. A grim reminder we live in a material world. Here, we are being asked to set this aside and find the joy in playing with the effectual dynamics of a higher world which had been forced to find refuge and survive in churches and the like. After all playing was for children." Ever wonder why only Keely could operate his machines? We are beginning to find out. This paper presents some of the foundation ideas and concepts behind this unusual phenomena. The answer seems to lie somewhere between telekinesis (Mind in Matter) and reverence for all things. 8.5" X 11"

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