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QA-1 Natural Arithmetic

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Volume 1 in set of 3. The basic introduction to Quantum Arithmetic. This should be understandable to a student which is 10 years of age, and is grounded in addition, subtraction and multiplication. A little basic algebra would be helpful. These books are designed for school text books. Although they can be started at a young age, it does not mean that more highly educated persons will find it easy. They may find it quite difficult because they will have certain learnings to forget. 8.5" X 11" Perfect Bound. QA-1 Table of Contents Preface Introduction Review Chapter 1 - Fibonacci, Pythagoras and Primes Chapter 2 - Prime Pythagorean Triangles Chapter 3 - Algebra Chapter 4 - Plato and A'Hmose Chapter 5 - Koenig Series Chapter 6 - Ellipse of Archimedes Chapter 7 - History Problems and Questions Index

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