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Quadrature of the Circle

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"In QUADRATURE OF THE CIRCLE Revealing THE TRUE VALUE OF Pi, we explore and expand upon Mr. Parker's findings. In clear, up to date English the central principles of the circle are revealed which allow the true and correct value of Pi to be calculated. Several important characteristics of the the arc, straight line, circle, triangle and regular polygon which have not been given due recognition are explored. Methods for constructing each geometric shape are given and the great importance of the Pythagorean or 'right' Triangle described. General formulas are developed allowing any regular shape to be made equal to another by area, perimeter, or proportion." In clear, plain English, the central principle of the circle and triangle are revealed which allow the true and correct value of pi to be calculated. The Quadrature of the Circle is solved and demonstrated in step-by-step easy to follow procedures. Extensively illustrated. 8.5" X 11" 133 pages.

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