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Spirit Messages from John Keely, Atlin and Others as told to the Musical Dynasphere Project Team

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Revised and re-typeset, new format, includes some previously unpublished spirit messages. Full title: "Spirit Messages from John Keely, Atlin and Others", by Dawn Stranges; edited by "Trene" and Dale Pond. This booklet contains a large assortment of some of the pertinent messages from the consciousnesses of John Keely, Atlin (the dynasphere) and others as these applied to the development and construction of the Musical Dynasphere, as well as many newer messages. Few people realize the importance of working cooperatively with the spirit world (ala Findhorn, Cayce, etc.) to bring the New Sciences into material manifestation. These messages illustrate this process which resulted in the beautiful Musical Dynasphere. 5.5" X 8.5"

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