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THINK: Walter Russell IBM Lecture Series

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Walter Russell (Edited by Laara Lindo and Yasuhiko Kimura) THINK: Walter Russell IBM Lecture Series IBM Founder and President Thomas J. Watson and Walter Russell, who lectured for 12 years to IBM executives and employees, were pioneers in a visionary new concept of ethical business practice, exploring the use of unchanging, universal principles of balanced thinking and action that are as valid in the year 2000 as they were in the 1930Õs. Walter Russell speaks, in todayÕs language, about the possibility that work can be an expression of oneÕs genius and a path of self-fulfillment. He speaks about the unifying power of the global business industry for the creation of universal peace and prosperity on earth. While a learning organization requires a culture and system of continual development of outer knowledge and skills, which Russell calls resources, a character-building organization requires, in addition, a culture and system of continual development of inner self-knowledge and genius, which he calls resourcefulness. The organizationÕs character is its destiny. The character of an organization is the integral of the character of its employees. THINK: The First Principle of Business Success is a mother lode of wisdom for the effective development of success for both the employer and employee, for the business consultant, the entrepreneur, and for every individual wanting to increase efficiency in managing his or her own business transactions, whatever they may be. 160 pages 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"

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