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The Book of Early Whisperings

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Deeply inspired by Nature, Walter Russell early in life sought solitude in walks through meadows and woods, by lakes and streams. The Book of Early Whisperings was written during those early years when he loved to spend time alone sketching his favorite scenes or in contemplation of the natural order of life. Written in beautiful and inspiring meditative poetic prose, The Book of Early Whisperings includes seven full-page reproductions of Walter RussellÕs famous woodland sketches. "Hours have been but moments in this glorious day in My World. How wonderful this day. How beautifulÑwhen oneÕs very Being is vibrant with celestial harmonies. How untouched and untouchable am I while the aftermath of NatureÕs symphony still resounds within me." Ñ Walter Russell Chapters include: The Awakening; The Song of the Stream; Autumn in My World; Ode to Eden; A Soliloquy. 103 pages, 7 full pages of woodland sketches by Wa 8 1/4" x 5 1/2", Hard Cover

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