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The Five Loves - A Message from Mary to You - Accentuating Your Goodness and Putting It into Action

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An excerpt from this pamphlet: "Dear Friends, it is my pleasure to address you here and now. I do so through the abilities of Dawn Stranges, an intuitive who has heard my message and been asked to pass it along. It is meant to give you hope and peace, and of course, greater Love. There will continue to be increasing numbers and forms of interface (messages, etc.) between your world and ours, the Spiritual Realm. Please weigh them carefully, for all seek to give you a bigger picture of Truth. Some are pure and others may be tainted with fear. Our clear messages contain no fear, but Truth in its purity. Our underlying message is to understand and transmute Fear into Love. Messages which create fear defeat our intent to spread Love. Please read the Five Loves with intent to incorporate their teachings into your life. Know that Loving the unLovable is the trick! With Much Love, Mary, Mother of Jesus." 4" X 5.5" ISBN 0-9654447-2-4

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