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Tone Building

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"MANY persons of good practical ability, moderately versed in the laws of acoustics, with an eye for form, and not deficient in a certain conception of art as art, and who had the instinct to work on lines, curves and thicknesses more or less true and best for producing fine tone, have "tried their hand" at violin-making and have seen their efforts cast aside, never to assume even mediocre rank in the stern array of modern violins, much less those of ancient Italy, merely because the wood selected was of an inferior, probably worthless, character, which would have been used to much better purpose had it been employed in the construction of a windmill or the shaft of a mine." Well done presentation on tone principles of violin construction. The art used in designing and building high quality tone. The pamphlet describes what these principles of tone are and gives insight into how they may be achieved. A very rare and useful work. Copy of the original 1909 pamphet. 8.5" X 11".