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Unincorporated Business Organization Trust, UBOT

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You do not have to be a financial or legal genius to protect your assets. You can do it with this simple do-it-yourself fill in-the-blanks pure business trust. Protect yourself from bureaucracies, licenses, fees, moochers and looters. Liberate your creativity to mushroom your wealth. Everything you need to create your own Unincorporated Business Organization. All forms supplied - just fill in the blanks. It is the same trust used by the super rich and those who wish to keep what is theirs private and secure. Legal and background documentation, instructions and legal citations guide you to perfect preparation of your own easy to operate business trust. This onshore Common Law Business Trust has successfully weathered two IRS audits!! Most all of us have been or will be either directly or indirectly exposed to a "judgment creditor."

Obtaining a judgment against another individual or company is now big business. Attorneys advertise through TV, radio, newspapers, and even on park benches encouraging every one to think of someone they can sue. The IRS is well-known for the atrocities and havoc they wreck on the lives of families, businesses, and companies. Your assets are a lot like an egg. The contents are safe and protected until the protective shell is broken. Once the integrity of the egg is breached, the contents are vulnerable to the adversary, be it a snake or a hostile two-legged pin-stripped suit. Common or Constitutional Law was our protection. With the increase in unlawful Equity transgressions your assets are now at risk. Don't put all your "Risks" in one basket. Common Law trusts are meant to protect the wealth of Americans. One of the greatest defenses we have, has been used by very wealthy families for a great many generations. We call it a UBOT, (Unincorporated Business Organization Trust). It is not a typical trust as set up by an attorney. Attorneys are taught to practice statutory or equity law, not common law. Equity law takes away rights and property. Common law secures property and rights. This trust allows for a great deal more privacy and protection.  Corporate law, which is a form of equity or statutory law, allows an individual the right to contract with the state when setting up a corporation for the privilege of reducing personal liability. There is a heavy price to pay for these "privileges". Properly placing your assets in a private UBO trust under its own Employer Identification Number would help shield assets. This offers you a chance to bargain with legitimate creditors from a position of strength and have protection from those who are illegitimate. A UBO Trust is a wonderful estate planning tool, a means of reducing taxes, protecting assets, and preserving privacy. Although some would have you feel it is criminal for exercising privacy, however it is very critical as we lean toward a One World Government. If privacy and security are important to you then a common law trust may be the answer. Trusts have been around a long time. If we look at England during the 1600's we will note that the use of trusts had been the preferred method of owning and managing property on the European continent since the Middle Ages. When American colonies adopted the common law of England, English principles of equity were also adopted. In fact, the first pure trust of record in America was recorded in 1765 for businessman Robert Morris of Pennsylvania. Later, Morris became one of the most prominent financiers of the American Revolution and one of the draftsmen signatories of the United States Constitution. Your obligations as a corporation are:

Disclosure of all officers.

A minimum tax of $900 required each year!

Double Taxation - Corporate earnings paid out to the officers are taxed at the corporate level and again at the recipients.

Financial records are subject to seizure and audit at any time without any prior notification.

You, personally, become an agent for any number of bureaucracies.

Bureau-rats can and do assault your business at their whim.

Advantages of the UBO trust: A Pure Trust

No yearly fee.

Limited liability.

Privacy - All officers or Board of Trustees do not have to be revealed.

Your financial records are private and, under common law, require notification and a court order to be seen.

Privacy in personal and business dealings. Greater control over what you have acquired and accomplished.

Reduced exposure from lawsuits and claims of adverse parties.

Reduced liability when owning and operating high risk asset or performing high risk professional services, thereby saving money on high-priced insurance premiums.Increased profits via reducing business costs.

Flexibility and creativity in personal and business planning.

Simplicity of doing business in this increasingly complex society; including the buying and selling of big-ticket capital assets, businesses and real estate.

Preserve and distribute assets at your sole discretion.

Avoid probate and eliminate death taxes.

Reduce or avoid federal and state income/franchise taxes.

The trust may develop its own credit and investment program to provide security and protection for the beneficiaries at retirement, and more.

For more details on this trust: https://svpwiki.com/ubo.html

Digital download these trust documents in either .doc or .rtf formats.

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Unincorporated Business Organization Trust, UBOT
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