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Veil Withdrawn

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"True philosophy, when reached, said Professor George Bush, will conduct us into the realm of the spiritual as the true region of causes, and will disclose new and unthought of relations between the world of matter and of mind. It is these unthought of relations which Keely's system of sympathetic physics brings to light; opening out a field for research which lies beyond the boundaries of our present knowledge. As yet he has been unable to satisfy his own penetrating mind in regard to all the hypothesis which his various discoveries have led him into formulating. He has himself, in his search for truth, pursued the wrong path too often, and made too many errors, not to welcome refutation of them, and acknowledge his mistakes when brought before him. The title which he has given to the latent current of the triune polar flow that he discovered in 1872, "polar negative attraction," undoubtedly conveys the idea that this flow is an agent closely allied to magnetism; but such is not the case." Very finely written expository paper revealing the connection of Keely's work to the ancient mysteries and presents the best yet explanation of SVP, what it is and why it is so important. P0017488 8.5" X 11"

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