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What Electricity Is. A Revelation of Forgotten Knowledge

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"Now that modern science has proclaimed, from her seat of learning (at the recent annual meeting of the British Association), that it knows nothing of "the great central mystery, the origin of life" - that "the stupendous problems, associated with the operation of the laws of nature," which the highest scientific intellects have been wrestling with for several generations, are still unsolved - that the questions, Ã’Whence come we?" Ã’Why are we here?" "Whither go we?" remain unanswered; and that if we strain our eyes to pierce the cloud of mystery which envelopes these phenomena of nature, it is only to feel the conviction that it is impenetrable; that no certain knowledge can be obtained now that science thus admits her abject ignorance on all these subjects, could there be a more fitting time to make known to the world the fact that Keely's system of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics solves these problems, answers these questions, and demonstrates in mechanics what its canons assert?" An indepth review of Keely's insights into electricity. It is not quite what orthodox science believes it to be. Electricity, magnetism and gravity form a triune whole. Manifested electricity is evidence of disturbed equilibrium of that whole. 8.5" X 11"

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